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Constipation: Just because it's COMMON doesn't make it NORMAL!

Constipation is one of the recent challenges we often see in our office that parents are struggling with or have been dealing with for such a long time that it becomes “normal” for their family. We can see these challenges happen from newborns, to toddlers, teenagers and adults.

Constipation can occur when the nervous system gets stuck in a state of sympathetic or fight/flight caused by stress in utero, the birth process, slips and falls that occur in a child’s life leading to struggles with challenges such as digestive challenges, sleep challenges, and frequent colds and coughs.

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Constipation = warning signs of stress along the nervous system

Possible Signs of Constipation

  • Infrequent stools (if your mommy or daddy gut is telling you, TRUST YOUR GUT!)

  • Abdominal (belly) bloating

  • Straining

  • Grunting

  • Fear of using the bathroom

Band-Aids Do Not Cover Up Constipation!

We often see that parents are advised to try gripe water, Miralax, Windi Gasspasser, or told their child will “grow out of that phase.” We encourage our parents to do their research to find the right fit for their family! When considering Miralax, it should be noted that an opposite effect may take place which will impact constipation, causing diarrhea and runny poop. Miralax’s website states that it should not be used for more than 7 days! THAT’S RIGHT, Miralax recommends less than 7 days! Windi is another product that recently went on the market and can be helpful for temporary use. The reality is that babies are not lacking Miralax or stimulation. Constipation is a sign from the body to let us know that there is an overtaxed nervous system that is not allowing the body to function like it was designed to function. Growing out of constipation doesn’t solve the issue, it may develop into chronic constipation or other issues over time. Do these options place a band-aid over constipation? I think so!

How Chiropractic Care Can Help

Chiropractic care can help resolve constipation by identifying if the nervous system is in a state of sympathetic overdrive. When this occurs the way it can show up are struggles with sleep, digestion, growth and immune function. A pediatric chiropractor performs specific, gentle, and subtle adjustments that can help reduce pressure off of the stressed nervous system and allows signals and information to travel from the brain throughout the body for more good days than bad days. Chiropractic care can also help relieve the symptoms of straining, grunting, bloating, gas, and other noticeable signs.

While Constipation has been seen as normal because it happens so often, we see this as a sign of stress on the nervous system that may show up as a different sign of stress appropriate to the kiddos age and subsequent stressors.

This is a 2 month old baby that came in struggling to latch, gassy, and having a hard time with digestion. We have seen a trend in our office with babies coming in for this firs visit in a very stressed state, But how can this happen? With a pandemic in 2020 can cause a stressful pregnancy + a high risk for birth complications and trauma = baby's nervous system in fight of flight.

After a month of care with specific and gentle adjustments, baby is more calm, free of constipation with regular bowl movements and doing all the things babies should be doing. Eating, sleeping, and pooping!

Every day we hear from parents, "I knew something was off but was told over and over again it is just a phase or that they will grow out of it!" For us as pediatric chiropractors we know that there is at least another option to explore other than medication and putting a band aid on the issue. If you are looking for more information we have a webinar made just for you!

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