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Meet Adrian & Michelle

Michelle and Adrian found us last year and booked an appointment to gather some more information. It took a little time for them to be ready to choose chiropractic but once they did their lives have been changed! 

Adrian was diagnosed with a developmental speech delay and started with Early Intervention with speech therapy and occupational therapy for his hyperactivity. Due to his hyperactivity, going to sleep started to become a nightly issue. It would take him an hour and a half each and every night to go to bed which started to weigh on Michelle's stress and mental health. As a mom, Michelle noticed that her stress levels were increasing watching her son struggle to sleep at night and be over stimulated throughout each day. That's when they found us! 

After their initial consultation they put chiropractic on hold to try to make some changes at home before starting with care. It wasn't until school started again that Michelle's "mommy gut" was saying to start and try it out. "What's the worst thing that can not work?" 

After a few weeks of care his bedtime routine went from an hour and a half to 10-20 minutes which gave Michelle more time for self care in the evenings that decreased her stress.

He started to be able to play independently for 30+ minutes and focus in a calm state. Adrian was also a kiddo that would seek out sensory stimulation through rough play or higher impact activities which has dramatically decreased since starting care. His language has also exploded and has decreased his frequency in OT. 

Adrian is truly thriving and so is the relationship and bond as a family. When Michelle saw the great changes in Adrian, it helped ease her stress levels as a parent and allowed them to connect on a better level of understanding. Michelle is also a practice member and they make coming to Bright Futures a weekly family adventure! 


We love having CLA Insight scans because it shows what is happening on the inside which helps explain the symptoms on the outside that parents see day to day. Adrian came in with concerns of hyperactivity, trouble sleeping, and a speech delay. The two scans above show 2.5X the amount of total energy, (input from the body to the brain) which can be described as such:

Imagine he is listening to blaring headphones all the time and that is his normal. Then when life happens, stress happens, that noise gets cranked up and we see big emotions, hyperactivity and sensory seeking behavior. 

The total amount of energy we want to see is 100. The below scans show a huge improvement which means he is able to sit still and pay attention when needed, showing less sensory seeking behavior and when the "volume" is turned down Adrian is able to fall asleep and stay asleep!


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